ALICE Training

What is ALICE?

ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) is an options based active shooter training program for schools, business, healthcare, government, colleges, Law Enforcement and Houses of Worship.   Its founder; Greg Crane, a 25 year police veteran developed this program to keep his wife’s (an elementary school principal) school safe after the events of Columbine.

ALICE takes what we have already trained our students to do (lockdown) and enhances it to provide other options such as fortification of rooms and countering. What ALICE is not is militaristic, combat or self-defense training.

ALICE was the first training program in the county that provided staff and students with options in their responses. Options based active shooter programs such as ALICE are supported by the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services, FBI, Department of Justice and Homeland Security. 

In 2014 the FBI released a report on Active Shooter Incidents in the United stated between 2000-2013.  The full report can be downloaded at

Ten Takeaways from the report:

#1 Law Enforcement is often not present until after the incident has ended.

#2 Unarmed citizens, staff and students have safely and successfully restrained shooters prior to Law Enforcement arrival.

#3 Citizens should be trained in their options to respond.

#4 Active shooter events are happening with increased frequency.

#5 No Law Enforcement officers have been killed when responding to school incidents.

#6 Active shooters events do not just take place in classrooms.

#7 Hiding staff and students under desks is not lowering casualty counts.

#8 Most high school and Middle school shooters are students and are already in the building thereby limiting the effectiveness of physical security measures.

#9 Business and areas of commerce are at risk.

#10 Since no location is immune to active shooter incidents, it becomes important to train civilians in options that they can apply in any circumstance, not just in a single location.

We have a duty to protect our students.  Through comprehensive safety plans and ALICE training we can make the difference in the lives of our students and communities.

Our core group of instructors is made up of Law Enforcement, Emergency Planners, School Administrators and teachers.  The instructors will walk you step-by-step through the training.  The training is made up of power point presentation with hands on exercises and a final practical session.  This valuable training can be adjusted to fit the needs of the students and the facility.  This training is generally broken up into two days (2 hours each day).     

If you are interested in hosting this free training, please contact Oxford County Emergency Management at 207-743-6336 or by email