Maine Heating, Cooling & Family Support Resources

One of the best ways to prevent heat illness is to be prepared for very hot weather. There are several things you can do to get yourself, family, home, and community ready to stay cool.

Here in Maine, we don't have very hot weather too often. So when it does get really hot, we are more likely to become sick from heat. This is because our bodies are not used to high heat, and many of our homes and buildings do not have air conditioning.

When it is hot outside, there are 3 things everyone needs to do.

Access Maine is an online resource guide with information to connect people living in Maine to public programs, services, and other resources that are available to provide support they need to be safe, happy, healthy, and successful.

As a result of global energy markets, Maine is expected to see increases in the price of heating fuels and electricity this winter. The Governor’s Energy Office has prepared the following resources to help Maine people stay warm this winter and know where to find assistance if needed.