LEPC Minutes

The Oxford County Local Emergency Planning Committee met on Tuesday, December 4, 2019 at Maine Veteran’s Home, 477 High Street, South Paris.

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:11 PM by Chair Teresa Glick.

II. Approval of Minutes

Members reviewed the minutes from August. Brad Peck motioned to approve the minutes. John Luongo seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

a. Treasurers Report

Members reviewed the treasurer’s report. Mark Blaquiere motioned to approve the minutes. Dick Knight seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

b. Chemical Spill Report

The group reviewed the spill reports provided by the RCC and talked about a recent response to a chemical incident in Hanover involving mixed pool chemicals.

c. Training and Events Scheduled for December/January/February

Upcoming events and trainings were reviewed by the committee.

III. Old Business

d. Exercises

a. Rumford Power Drill: Rumford Power conducted a drill with Rumford Fire Department. The scenario will be of an employee within the aqueous ammonia berm requiring rescue. The duty crew donned level A suits and conducted a rapid rescue that involved the use of ropes to lift the victim out of the berm. They deconned the “victim” where they went for treatment with Med-Care. Lessons learned include looking at having a cart on site to help move a victim through the large facility, use of air monitoring and vehicle placement on scene.

b. SMH Measles TTX/Drill: EMA conducted a drill with Stephens Memorial Hospital, their 5 practices and three long term care facilities. The scenario will be of a paramedic who contracted measles on a trip oversees and worked a shift prior to showing symptoms. All facilities are exposed and one facility will have two patients suspected of having measles requiring transport and treatment to SMH. Improvement items include working on consistent communication and notification procedures, incident command training and collecting vaccination status for residents and staff at long term care facilities.

IV. New Business

e. RY2019 Tier II Changes

The RY2019 software is still in beta, and will be redesigned. The new software should no longer display through multiple tabs, and should also include a mapping system.

f. Hazmat Instructor Meeting

Having our own instructors gives the county the opportunity to choose relevant topics to focus on during annual training with our fire departments. With the propane explosion in Farmington, the instructors want to do more of a focus on air monitoring using the host department’s monitors. Meth use is also rising again, so they will again review mobile meth labs with departments.

g. 2020 Resource Manual

Teresa has started collecting information from departments for the 2020 update of the county resource manual. It can be expected to be released by April.

h. Elections - Secretary

Mark Blaquiere nominated Teresa Glick as Secretary. Geff Inman seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved.

i. Elections – Vice Chair

Mark Blaquiere nominated Geff Inman as Vice Chair. Teresa Glick seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved.

j. New Member

Allyson Hill motioned to approve Donald Durrah as a member of the LEPC. Mark Blaquiere seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved.

k. Location and Timing of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on February 25th at noon at Paris Fire Department.

l. Adjournment

Mark Blaquiere motioned to adjourn. Brad Peck seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved. Meeting adjourned at 12:44 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Glick

LEPC Chair