LEPC Minutes

The Oxford County Local Emergency Planning Committee met on February 22, 2022 at Paris Fire Department

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 12:13 PM by Chair Teresa Glick.

II. Approval of Minutes

Brad Peck motioned to approve the minutes from August and November. Geff Inman seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

a. Treasurers Report

Ray Lussier motioned to approve the Treasurers reports from November and February. Geff Inman seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

b. Chemical Spill Report

The committee reviewed the spill reports for 2022. Teresa noted that two of the reports were likely connected to structure fires in Rumford.

c. Training and Events Scheduled for December/January/February

The committee reviewed the training and event schedule. Spring HazMat classes are being scheduled, and the Region 9 tech school has scheduled a full operations course for their students.

III. Old Business

d. Hazardous Materials Training Update

Classes are actively being scheduled for the Spring. Region 9 has scheduled their full ops course for their high school fire science students, and Fryeburg is working to schedule a full operations course for their Firefighter I & II Bridge Course for late spring/early summer. The hazmat instructors met to discuss the focus for training this year and decided to still follow COVID protocols for classes. The instructors will also be covering some relevant topics such as the suspicious substance protocol, and response to butane explosions from hash oil extraction operations. The decision to cover these topics was made due to recent incidents in the state.

IV. New Business

e. Tier II Reports

The committee reviewed the list of Tier II reports received by the county. Reports are coming in slowly this year, but still have another week until they are due. A more comprehensive list will be available at the next meeting.

f. New Maine Gas Detector Law

The committee reviewed the new gas detector law that was put into place on January 1st. The law requires a gas detector in all rooms that have gas powered appliances in them for specific dwellings and businesses.

g. Maine Prepares Conference

MEMA has begun planning for the next Maine Prepares Conference and are looking at dates for the end of August to have the event. Teresa will forward out the Save the Date when it is received

h. Facility of the Year Nominations

After discussion and looking at the list of reporting facilities in the county, Brad Peck nominated Stephens Memorial Hospital for the Facility of the Year award. Geff Inman seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved, 1 abstention

The committee will also recognize Norway Fire Department, Paris Fire Department, and PACE Ambulance for their outstanding efforts in support of the evacuation at Stephens Memorial Hospital.

i. New Member Application

The committee reviewed a membership application for Nicole Newton. Brad Peck motioned to approve the application. Dick Knight seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

j. Elections - Secretary

Allyson Hill nominated Teresa Glick to be the Secretary. Dick Knight seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

k. Elections - Vice Chair

Ray Lussier nominated Geff Inman to be the Vice Chair. Brad Peck seconded the nomination.

Vote: Approved

l. Location and Timing of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on May 31, 2022 at 4pm, location TBD.

m. Adjournment

Brad Peck motioned to adjourn the meeting. Dick Knight seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

The meeting ended at 12:39 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Glick

LEPC Chair