LEPC Minutes

The Oxford County Local Emergency Planning Committee met on May 25, 2021 at Paris Fire Department

I. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 4:06 PM by Chair Teresa Glick.

II. Facility of the Year Award 2020

Rumford Power was presented with the Facility of the Year Award for their outstanding efforts in planning, training, and exercising throughout 2020.

III. Approval of Minutes

Members reviewed the minutes from February. Chris Reed motioned to approve the minutes. Geff Inman seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

a. Treasurers Report

Members reviewed the treasurer’s report. Chris Reed motion to approve the minutes. Mark Blaquiere seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved

b. Chemical Spill Report

The group reviewed the spill reports provided by the RCC. Chris Reed mentioned that there were multiple train derailments in Rumford in a short time span and they were notified by citizens and not the railroad. EMA and MEMA will work to try to connect the fire department with PanAm.

c. Training and Events Scheduled for December/January/February

Hazmat classes are wrapping up for the Spring. The training schedule remains light through the Summer.

III. Old Business

d. COVID-19 Response Update

Case rates are slowing down across the state and the bulk of COVID-19 response is now centered on vaccination. The FEMA mobile vaccination unit will be returning to Oxford County a third time, with the last stop being at Black Mountain in Rumford from June 14-17th. The state is also offering to do worksite vaccination clinics at any businesses as long as there are at least 10 people who wish to be vaccinated.

e. Hazardous Materials Training Update

Fire chiefs have responded positively with the training program this year. The instructors have focused on air monitoring and vapor dispersion while classes have still been operating under COVID-19 guidelines.

f. Tier II Reports

The group reviewed the list of submitted Tier II reports. Applebee's reached out to the EMA office for assistance, and there are only a handful of reports left to wrap up for the year.

IV. New Business

g. LEPC Stipends

The group reviewed the LEPC administrative and training allotments for the 2021/2022 year (July-June).

h. Rumford Water District TTX

Teresa gave an overview of a Table Top Exercise that Maine Rural Water Association put together with the Rumford and Dixfield Water Districts. The scenario involved a microburst that washed out piping and took out power to the area, along with a tank truck rollover that was carrying a chemical. Lessons learned included discussion around spills in wellhead protection areas and the notification process for those spills, as well as communication and incident command integration between the water districts and their first responders.

i. Location and Timing of Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on August 31, 2021 at 4PM at Rumford Power

j. Adjournment

Chris Reed motioned to adjourn. Dick Knight seconded the motion.

Vote: Approved. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Glick

LEPC Chair