All documents for download posted below are linked to web-based storage. If you have difficultly accessing the files, please contact our office.

County Schools  
School Safety/Emergency Operating Procedures (Version 1)doc 
School Safety/Emergency Operating Procedures (Version 2)doc 
Kennebec Middle School Model Plandoc 
We hope school leadership will modify this sample plan to fit their schools' unique situations and needs.  
Practical Information on Crisis Planning pdf
A guide for schools and communities.  
MEMA Risk Assessment Tool for Schoolsdoc pdf 
MEMA's Hazard identification and Vulnerability Assessment Workbook for State and Local Governments is the basis for the Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Workbook for Schools. This workbook will assist schools to plan in ways that compliment the emergency planning done by the community. It is important that school emergency plans integrate well with town emergency management plans.    
NIMS Key Personnel Training 2009-2010  pdf
In order to fulfill NIMS requirements, schools and institutions of higher education (IHE) should determine what personnel need to receive incident command system (ICS) and NIMS training based on their role(s) in the overall school or IHE emergency management program.   
School Preparedness Assessment: Are Your Schools Ready? doc pdf
How well would your schools respond to a disaster? How would people respond in the first few minutes? Do people know what to do? Schools and communities in Maine face all kinds of potential hazards, both natural (winter storms, tornadoes, fires, floods, earthquakes) and man-made (hazardous materials spills, acts of violence). Being prepared to address such hazards requires thorough and comprehensive planning. How ready are your schools?