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Oxford County Emergency Operations Plan pdf
This manual will be updated bi-annually and a hard-copy is on file in our office  
Oxford County ME Hazard Mitigation Plan 2017 Update
 2012 - Cover pdf
 2012 - Table of Contents pdf
 2017 Update in progress - Introduction (revised 5/4/2016)doc
 2017 Update in progress - Plan Adoption (revised 6/29/2016)doc
 2012 - Pre-requisites (Individual) pdf
 2017 Update in progress - Planningdoc
 2017 Update in progress - Risk (revised 04/20/2017)doc
 2017 Update in progress - Strategy (revised 05/02/2017)doc
 2017 Update in progress - Maintenance (revised 7/22/2016)doc
 2012 - Appendix A pdf
 2012 - Appendix B pdf
 Please note: All updated information is in red and green, and all information to be removed in the final draft submission is stricken through.  

State of Maine Concept of Operations Plan (CONOPS)  
CONOPS provides guidance to public safety agencies (traditional first responders) and non-traditional responders for developing and employing on-scene interoperability through an effective Incident Communications program. CONOPS focuses on incident communications requirements and the role of interoperability.  
Plan Templates and Checklists  
 Local Emergency Operations Plan Templatedoc 
 Hazardville Town Plan Template (61pgs)  
 Local Emergency Operations Plan Checklistdoc 
Emergency Operations Plan Structure and Contents Checklist